Objective of the Fund

The UOE Endowment Fund is established in Kenya under irrevocable trust declared with effect from 7th January, 2021 (the Commencement Date) and with effect from such date the Founder appointed Trustees to be the First Trustees and the Founder shall participate in the trust hereof from such date. It was incorporated as a legal entity on 14th July 2022.

The Founder established the Fund for purposes of mobilizing, investing and managing funds to provide budget support for various University operations.

Objectives of UOE Endowment Fund

  1. Provide scholarships to deserving students
  2. Support post-doctoral programmes
  3. Enhance professional growth of faculty and staff
  4. Respond to societal challenges and build linkages with industry
  5. Engage in policy advocacy
  6. Strengthen community outreach
  7. Foster regional and international collaboration
  8. Support development of the University.